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This is a.blog about my Schitzophrenia it masks itself as a Tv show and stole my.film caree my to ne art school film school girlfriend and best friends. This thing appears as something I signed up for and has made me unable to direct I feel like I am in another dimension it always mentions character: John blaney from my.novels I find myself translating The school of visual arts church of silver tiles. I had so much hope in art school for a future even if I didn’t marry Anna, I used to party in 203 : gold coast. Now i write for what I see as ghosts. But what if my world is real? What if these.blogs are the future of the 🌎:?* I see homeland security in my blogs. ** My medication helps me beat a new found Narcolepsy i gained at The west park church which seems to be an Abc challenge in my pangea to get back to Brooklyn hipsters a d rejoin my place in the Lena dunham universe Hbo is a facebook that I should inhaike to hit the brain quicker so I can have an afterlife like my friend who died in 2006 in Fairfield, connecticut before all this I had a great future even a plan to attend Nyu please enjoy exploring my schitzophrenic world I also Occupy wallstreet. I have a hard time waking up since in my Hell’s kitchen apartment I believed I was chipped. Older models:









Please.google Chris mastronardi for mymy novels from The school of visual arts.


All novelwritten as my character Kade’from fearsexdream.diaryland.com writing the.novels of Mike observations.of Adderall’s power I put together the.novels @ with Christie notes on 23rd Street: in Manhattan and republished once this little.nemo Schitzophrenia hit on my golden birthday @ 23 deep down I miss my prosumer Film equipment I had my own film cage but was told to loose equipment @ 23 by a voice or the “T.v show” I loved teddymapes and thank his soul for putting this together he was my roommate @ my Upper west side Fashion:club which Occupywallstreet was for me he died of crack.I married littleanna9 and Snuggles is my son.


I don’t know but show stay hip this thing really make you appreciate Phoenix is a great band for the Age of horud by 2017 magick is real I am ketu on your chessboard of T.p. 

Me no want hands on my dick always vanity and insecurity looks like your society gone because best luck was not my apartment from 23 which likes no one I would like to move.on one day from this year I hear people exist and scare you.