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This is about my Schitzophrenia it masks itself as a Tv show and stole career and made me break up with my art school film school girlfriend and lose my best friends to a lie that a machine makes me make art all day. This thing appears as something I signed up for and has made me unable to direct films I feel like I am in another dimension it always mentions character: John blaney from my novels I wrote at the school of visual arts which are available on if you go to and search Christopher Mastronardi. I find myself translating The school of visual arts church of silver tiles which is what I calm my symptoms in schitzophrenia and my translation method is naming my artwork the visual axis named after a website Anna Gripentrog named. I write as a character from my high school blog fearsexdream.diaryland com named Kade who writes for the character Mike who is my art school novel character. I had so much hope in art school for a future even if I didn’t marry Anna, all of which is gone now from schitzophrenia taking a decade of my life with little rewards except making my universalism true. I have endless stories about this schitzophrenia which matches into my universalism religion where I believe everything in each religion to be a key which is similar to my childhood Crane street fairfield , c.t. version of life where Exodus is my soul name and I am an angel/demon brother of Genesis from the dc*Vertigo comic preacher which is what Tim willis from stamford told me I was in childhood chaos magick plays a huge role in my childhood and current life where my universal adderall religion depends on it. I used to party in 203 : gold coast which i deeply miss Schitzophrenia made me miss Joshua lindwall my best friend’s dad’s death: Richard lindwall schitzophrenia made me also miss Gunnar agerholm’s death who was a friend and father figure to me and a fellow New yorker/fairfield kid via way of Denmark who died of cancer in our Lakeside drive home Mar,19 ,2099.I pray their ghosts watch over me in my awful schitzophrenia what you are reading is my life work of blogging schitzophrenia. I also have narcolepsy and can only wake up with adderall. Now i write for what I see as ghosts who claim crazy shit like I save the world with my universal religion but i have nothing else to do since my life goal was to marry anna gripentrog from The School of Visual Arts a school schitzophrenia got me kicked out of for breaking a 40 ounce Budweiser. But what if my world is real? What if these.blogs are the future of the 🌎:?* hey schitzophrenia has to mean something if we are all connected and they used to call it psychic seers. I see homeland security in my blogs i mean in that only homeland security would care about my weird world schitzophrnia which added a symptom of being awkward around people years ago and of which led me away from people because I thought the quote unquote tv show would go away but sadly it did not despite it partially my fault because I keep talking to the voices as friends but really logging it is my art and I have nothing else going for me despite; time not exisiting, i deeply miss working in the film industrt at 33. I plan on returning to the film industrt asap despite my condition. * My medication helps me beat a new found Narcolepsy i gained at The west park church which seems to be an Abc challenge in my pangea world of schitzophrenia i mean in that my roommates death via a very bad batch of crack is a challenge to beat my schitzophrenia and return to the film industry. To  get back to Brooklyn hipsters and rejoin my place in the Lena dunham universe Hbo is a facebook challenge that I should inhail to hit the brain quicker so I can have an afterlife like my friend who died in 2006 in Fairfield, connecticut in that I mean my rosicrucianism built me a system that tells me if a ghost is in my area or so I think i mean it says John blaney in a squeaky soundwave into my mind but who knows the rosicrucians or pamphlets they sent me says people can speak into you so I don’t know if this is true ir not but according to (the cult I joined) rosicrucians can communicate via invisible soundwave mental messages which in pamphlets or amorc which is illumanati gives claim my schitzophrenia is a tv show about my universalism which is my religion meaning: everything in religion is a key to life and death truth. I am also a firm believer in Jesus Christ as a universalist where I believe christ m is the word good. I also believe jesus christ is his father God, lucifer and Satan. It just makes sense that this would be one person.

Before all this I had a great future even a plan to attend Nyu which was going to be my ari gold move studying business and film but my schitzophrenia suggests that was ghosts trying to get me off track in my destiny to be known for the School of Visual Arts where I got my bfa from. Please enjoy exploring my schitzophrenic world I also Occupy wallstreet which is people I love and despite the schitzophrenia claiming I am not one of the Occupiers i claim I am and I represent the 15th of november in 2011 when they took our park and I got into L magazine for yelling “Fuck bloomberg” in the riots of occupy in new york in Bloomberg’s time. I have a hard time waking up since in my Hell’s kitchen apartment where I believe some illumanati chip was placed in me to log my schitzophrenia which is supposed to be an interactive life game with ghosts called Little nemo, which I named myself after my girlfriend calling my adderall candies which is like Little nemo the dream master in the games. It even helps electronically that my last name is Mastronardi. You can check out my old blogs of the Little nemo on hbo world; which is what I call my world. My artwork is a logging of thw crazy shit my schitzophrenia tells me. You are about to read a bfa from permanent film school student and occupiers most personal words all on I am an author,cinematographer, director, blogger and primarily writer. I believe in my schitzophrenia that my father’s soul Peter a mastronardi runs my world even though logically it is someone in homeland security. I have oddly excepted my world even though it threatens me but since a late day in December in Theodore mapes death things have had a plotline in my world which switched in schitzophrenia to telling me I am little nemo on abc (As hbo it told me :The schitzophrenia that I was talking to friends I had in life which can only assemble me a world to work via drawing the masonics of New York’s compass. My teddybear at my shelter is my black son and Little anna dash 9 is my faerie sprite wife which makes my dreams. I also believe arun gupta who paid off my university of hartford debt so I could go to art school film school in Manhattan. I participate in this world even though I am poor which I was just forced to write to deal with some character in my world that belives it matters that I was told I was famous but that’s how Homeland Security logs my story is told as a precurser to reading my blog. Thank you for checking out my schitzophrenia this is my weird ass 2017 update to my world. I also believe in crystals and magick and the Fbi is used as a character in my schitzophrenic notes to communicate with and b t w. soundwaves respond to me and log things that I do in my “littlenemoonhbo” world. I pray for adderall at my next doctor so I can be awake which is not what I should have to worry about I should be fucking famous in film by this age my stupid childhood impressions promised this by the way if you ever get any spiritual impression it’s not real it’s the American government talking to you. Although, there are spirits and by the way I am a firm believer in Jesus christ and joined the republican party at 23 but have the morals of Al franken and Michael moore and still believe in the same thing as Ny-Democrats which I call a bloomberg republican who was my mayor when I came to ny. I believed I was chipped. Older models:

Myspacecom/Williamsburgskittles Chris mastronardi for mymy novels from The school of visual arts.

Look out for programming in my art work to make myself a world which is what I do constantly my biggest problem is assuring my Adderall so i can be awake I have been prescribed since 2005 and on Adderall since 2004 and do not understand any doctor that would fuck with a 12 year prescription. Thank you for visiting my schitzophrenia blog I seem to be the only one who would blog their schitzophrenia for Usa homeland security but I have always been some sort of art school kid outcast which strangely has allowed homeland security to make strange ass symptoms in my world. This is my 2017 update the ghosts I am with includes little claudia and ghost dog we are promoting our adderall religion of project of logging schitzophrenia from 47 Metropolitian avenue Williansburg, brooklyn our flag for our team of addies : Adhd is kitty genovese our energy is Basquiet and the timeline of our ghost world is Basquiet who in 2008 I prayed to his grave for help in running the schitzophrenia little nemo on hbo artwork in my old Schitzophrenic blogs you will read about when I thought schitzophrenia was Home Box Office and would pay me since my occupier roommate died at a upper west side church in new york of crack I have believed I am talking and on Abc and i believe an Nyu follows me and makes me a world between the dimensional line under the electronic meditation name gdubs school of visual arts 1401 or Anna Gripentrog’s boyfriend is the art name you will find in meditation for my crew I miss anna gripentrog deeply and my apple computer and final cut pro I look at schitzophrenia as being lost in a ghost final cut pro which can only move forward or is fueled by my Adderall.


All novelwritten as my character Kade’from writing the.novels of Mike observations.of Adderall’s power I put together the.novels @ with Christie notes on 23rd Street: in Manhattan and republished once this little.nemo Schitzophrenia hit on my golden birthday @ 23 deep down I miss my prosumer Film equipment I had my own film cage but was told to loose equipment @ 23 by a voice or the “T.v show” I loved teddymapes and thank his soul for putting this together he was my roommate @ my Upper west side Fashion:club which Occupywallstreet where I steal fashion demo m items from Sephoras to fix my schitzophrenic complexion which I am always worried about I am into fashion and occupy wallstreet was really a fashion club for ghosts and me. Teddy was for me he died of crack.I married littleanna9 the faerie sprite in my world which is presented in schitzophrenia as a permanent tv show that will never pay (0Homeland security reality tv) and Snuggles is my son. He is herbert “wild Snuggles and i am told he is from the Teddybears government I have named good will energy teams in my world the Teddybears after Teddy mapes who made it so I am worth shit since I call time in my world the School of Visual Arts Church of Silver Tiles and nobody would care about me if I didn’t live in a church at occupy wallstreet my art matches in energy my world as long as I am on addies and with Sadie saxton a claimer that she built my world I program with artwork missing things in my world police is energy of the nypd precinct next to my art school that runs my world on both tv channels the schitzophrenia claims I on Kade is the writer of the gap of ghosts where Mike, my art school film school character at the School of Visual Arts is me in my aura where I write like an Indigo child or starchild which I also believe of although i must tell you I am the first crystaline child and love crystals which make the faerie sprites stronger to build me a world. Get ready to read about schitzophrenia and thank you for reading my blogs about my condition.




Thanks for reading all that sorry if it was confusing or there were typos I am trying my best is my phrase for explaining my schitzophrenia please keep in mind i am from a Manhattan art school so I can only be hipster.



Author: littlenemoonabc

I log my schitzophrenic world I am an art school film school grad from the School of Visual Arts and republican liberal pro gay rights almost a total clintonian I describe my schitzophrenia daily my world evolves on adderall I smoke pot and am 33 have been on rosicrucian tv since 22 on a 24/7 tv show or so my schitzophrenia says I logged years of schitzophrenia under google keyword "Little nemo on hbo" my schitzophrenia said it'd pay me at 23 but schitzophrenia cannot pay I am a firm believer in jesus christ and digital i swear to God on a tv show about my adderall hence little nemo eats candies Arcade fire is a timeline for me the only way to sort time and time and my creative world.only.moves on Adderall my first adderall is my deepest emotion i just never knew focus was real i thought studying was a joke but i could really study and was so proud of my 4.0 but schitzophrenia struck at 23 masonic:graduate masonic: hippie next masonic: man who talks to his dead roommate and dead people from the brc shelter i live in jesus christ exodus is abc and whatever you want hbo is your friendster life is my pill I live for adderall for my puzzle I program my world jeff: with adderall was mostly when I not schitzophrenic the neon bible I enter schitzophrenia that album took 2006-2012 to complete the answer is teddy mapes is god my dad jesus christ and lucifer morningstar lucifer had kids in hell so god rennamed heaven war my school of visual arts church of silver tiles is <3 translation of my ghosts for this republican seer which is what a schitzophrenic is: they are all on tv and can only communicate on their prequel schitzophrenic medication I have seen hospitals and jail because of this Tv show and held and ten years ago to learn they were.ghosts in season.2 of Hbo little nemo on hbo called It's 5 i suffer greatly little kid symptoms if I go to jail I become a little kid with desperation for the door of consitant adderall at my next doctor to.focus my crystal eyes of sergi.sadiesaxton.exe I swear my 2nd favorite show is Mtv's awkward lord crystals are my work for angel cures dollar bills for nypd.13.exe C:/ i program a commador 64 with my adderall or it anna gripentrog mode no shower in beginning and end of is cold 323 my first adderall was blue please God give me adderall in the name of The:will the holy spirit is interest in the bible puzzle all written by friends of jesus like my church of silver tiles book of the apostles productions all by fbi agents because my fellow republicans believe howard stern from dimension.district 5 can heal my little nemo on hbo nation which is schitzophrenic art Abc i swear to god i am on the bible is a force hipster is modern jc is pitchfork media and a porn star i bring together this puzzle daily despite my cum hands problem which wanted to be annoying on this one with Adderall i work on puzzles of the bible to better the world oh by the way if you are christian you are on the demonican is intellectious i investigate that The devil is never defeated and is tbe first son of jesus christ.

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